Our Projects

At SMI we create products which make a difference, find here our projects. SMI Verspaning has a wide range of advanced machinery capable of machining different type of metals and shapes. With our latest addition fives axis milling machine, the DMU 80P Duoblock, a workpiece of 800mm x 1050mm x 800mm can automatically be machined into the desired shape by the 60 different tools the machine possesses. All parts or products can be created in singular or series with the highest precision.

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Welded constructions

Wishbone suspension parts for an all terrain transportable vehicle. The combination of welding and milling created a strong durable structure.

YEAR 2018

Perfect Cylindrical

Turning is especially interesting when large cylindrical shaped work pieces needs to be processed. Turning machines are faster compared to milling machines.


Assembled component

CNC Milled components for the offshore on our 5-axis machining center. The different parts are sub-assembled and fitted with seals and rubbers.


Large Batch

Large batch of milled parts. By combining the automatic milling machine with our loading/unloading robot a large batch can quickly be created.