Press release – Nieland Shipbuilding Presses becomes part of the SMI Groep

Dokkum – October 2020


The SMI Groep expands her portfolio with a well-known brand in the shipbuilding industry: Nieland, known for their shipbuilding presses. Nieland is the global leader in cold forming technology for the production of 2D and 3D plates for the ship’s hull. The demand for cold forming technology is increasing, as ships are getting lighter and the application of high tensile steel is increasing. Compared to the alternative (line heating, based on heating and quenching), cold forming is far less labour intensive, easier and the quality is more manageable. The joined knowledge of the SMI Groep and Nieland concerning production, the maritime sector and the offshore industry brings opportunities to increase the installed base of Nieland presses.


This expansion fits perfectly within our group” say Bert and Bauke Spijksma, owners and management of the SMI Groep. “The production will be carried out at SMI VanderPloeg, where the right knowledge and experience to build these instruments is readily available. We are seeing great opportunities for expansion on a global scale.”


Being part of the SMI Groep brings continuity and allows the Nieland team to focus on the future. Aside from expanding in new markets, the innovation of Nieland’s product range will be intensified.


About the SMI Groep

The core activities of the SMI Groep are the manufacturing of machine parts and components, and the completion of instruments, using certified welding, turning, milling, surface treatment and assembly. Engineering and project management are the basis for how we cooperate with our clients. The SMI Groep is both nationally and internationally active.

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