ISO-9001:2015 approved

A significant change has been made to the ISO-9001 standard in the new 2015 version. In the previous edition of this standard the focus was on “ are we doing things right“ while  the new edition emphasizes „Doing the right things.“ This means that with the new standard the focus will be even more on our customers and no longer on the products and projects. By fully understanding the need of our customers we can deliver a full customized solution with a high durability.

Of course we translate these wishes and requirements into our own organization and implement our processes very efficiently. As we understand that our customers expect the highest quality and efficiency, SMI will keep improving our internal processes. On September 28, Lloyd’s Register has conducted a transition check to adapt the SMI standards to the new ISO-9001: 2015 standard. This audit was positively concluded and therefore SMI has received the ISO-9001: 2015.

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